How to Apply for Section 8

How to Apply for Section 8

Learn how to apply for Section 8 online.What is rental assistance - Learn How to apply for section 8 online.Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online packet.

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How do I apply for Section 8 online or in person?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a rental assistance program that is funded by HUD. A Section 8 application is always free when they are being accepted. In order to find out how to apply for Section 8, you could consult your local housing authority and see if they are accepting applications. Applications are always free. Waiting lists tend to be very long, years in fact. It’s really as simple as completing the application online or at the actual housing authority. PHA’s will also have preferences as to who is eligible. The HUD median low income levels can be used as a guide to determine a low income status


Housing choice vouchers are administered by local public housing authorities (PHA), of which there are several around the nation. One must complete a Section 8 application to be put on a waiting list. Applications are free and waiting lists can be several years long. Vouchers come as either project-based or tenant-based — see below for more details. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports PHAs, and your local PHA will help you arrange Section 8 housing and learn how to apply for Section 8. Under a tenant-based voucher, a tenant gets a voucher and can move into a unit with financial assistance. If that tenant chooses to move to another unit, the voucher carries over to the next unit, offering continued assistance to the tenant wherever they decide to live.

How to apply for section 8 – Shortcuts or tricks?

There are no tricks or shortcuts for applying for Section 8 housing. Watch out for scams where someone tells you that you can buy a voucher or put your name on someone’s.

Under a project-based voucher, a tenant gets assistance so long as they remain in the unit that the voucher was issued for. The voucher lasts for a specified unit and time. If the family chooses to leave the unit, the assistance does not carry over to the next unit. A family may still, however, be eligible for a tenant-based voucher. Read more about how to complete a Section 8 application form.

Food Stamp Application

The Food Stamp program is now called SNAP and is run by the USDA which is a government entity entirely different from HUD. In order to become eligible to apply for Food Stamps in New Orleans Louisiana or anywhere in the United States, you will need to complete a (SNAP) Food Stamp application for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. You can usually obtain a copy of the Food Stamps application from any Social Security office, or you can search for an online application on your local government website. Some states allow you to complete a Food Stamp application online, or print out the application from their website and turn in the completed form to your Social Security office.

So again, if you want to apply for Food Stamps in Chicago Illinois or anywhere else, start with you local SNAP office.

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Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet

The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet helps it’s members find open Section 8 and low income housing waiting lists across the country. The Housing List Blog allows Section 8 landlords and tenants to find each other online. The Online Packet has no affiliation with HUD or your local housing authority.

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